The Sahara and the Atlantic cost

A 3-day Agadir excursion tour

Agadir excursion tour: Atlantic coast and Sahara

The Sahara desert and the Atlantic cost of Morocco

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Enjoy a 3-day Agadir tour which is rich in visits and discoveries! This Agadir excursion offers you the possibility of spending a night in the desert in a nomadic camp. You will then leave to visit the beautiful beaches of the region: the white beach, Sidi Ifni, Mirleft … Excursion to the desert and the Atlantic coast.

  • Overnight in a Morocco desert camp – Guelmim

There are many reasons to visit Guelmim. The city of Guelmim is located about 200km from Agadir or about 3 hours by 4X4 drive. Guelmim benefits from a special geographical location: it is halfway between the Sahara and central Morocco, between the northern and southern parts of the Moroccan desert. This is why this city is an important meeting point for trade for the inhabitants of the desert. At the time, Guelmim was one of the stops for the caravans that went down to Timbuktu.

The souk of Guelmim: the souk dazzles the visitor with the colors of the clothes and fabrics typical of the inhabitants of the Sahara.

  • Enjoy a visit to the “White beach”

After the Sahara, head for the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

The white beach is located near Guelmim and more precisely 30 km from the city. It is wild and stretches for 40km. It is said that the dunes of the Sahara extend to the Atlantic Ocean at this place … To visit!

You will spend the night in a nomadic camp near Guelmim. To make this experience even more original and authentic, it is possible to sleep in a wild nomadic camp.

  • After a visit of Sidi Ifni, overnight in Mirleft

The next day, your Agadir excursion tour continues with a visit to Sidi Ifni. The city is located on the Atlantic coast between Guelmim and Tiznit, about 150 km from Agadir. Discover the beaches of Sidi Ifni, the fishing port and the souk! At the end of the day, you leave for Mirleft where you will spend the night.

  • Visit Tiznit

After breakfast, you will visit Mirleft – a small seaside town located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. After Mirleft, direction Tiznit. This city is located about fifteen kilometers from the Atlantic coast.

  • Back to Agadir city

After Tiznit, your return will take you to Agadir at the end of the afternoon.

  • This Agadir tour will make you appreciate the South Atlantic coast. Authenticity, discovery, and charm guaranteed to take an original summer break or at another time of the year. The sea, the exotic decorations, the typical villages nestled in the Oases, let yourself be transported at every stage of your Morocco trip!
  • The province of Guelmim is called "the gateway to the Sahara".
    Crafts: leather goods (goat skins), jewelry, carpet weaving, manufacturing of wooden objects (accacia).
    Camel Souk in Guelmim: it is the largest camel market in Morocco (Amhayrich).

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  • What to do in Tiznit?

    You will visit the medina, the souk but also the jewelers market. The ramparts and the wall surrounding the medina are also to be seen.

    The city comes alive at the end of the day, the colors of the traditional Sahrawi outfit of women dress the central square ...
  • Full of charm, with different beaches, therefore some wilder than others, Mirleft is also surrounded by small Oases and typical villages which do not undergo the tourist rush.


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