Essaouira excursion tour

Marrakech to Essaouira tour

Marrakech Essaouira tour

Marrakech Essaouira tour 3 days – Morocco excursion to Essaouira – Morocco tour from Marrakech – Excursion Morocco Atlantic coast – Excursion tour to Essaouira from Marrakech

On the road between Marrakech and Essaouira, you will pass through the argan region.

  • The argan region in Morocco

As we have just specified, Essaouira is on the argan road from Marrakech. Argan oil is used for cooking and in many cosmetic products, as the virtues of argan are numerous. In women’s cooperatives, you can find argan oil but also by-products, soaps, creams, etc. After visiting a cooperative, you will discover the ceramic workshops.

  • The ceramic pottery workshops

Handcrafted pottery made in the region. Appreciate the handmade objects by the craftsmen in Essaouira and in the surroundings.

  • Overnight in Essaouira

There is no need to make the reputation of Essaouira which is one of the leading tourist destinations in Morocco. This fortified city, located on the Atlantic coast attracts travelers by its beauty, its geographical location, its medina, its fishing port, its ramparts, its art galleries,… After having visited Essaouira and strolled in its streets and on its harbor, a good dinner based on fresh fish is essential! You will stay in Essaouira for the night.

  • Safi

After breakfast in Essaouira, you leave for the city of Safi, your next destination during this Marrakech tour. What to visit in Safi? You will discover the Portuguese cathedral, the Portuguese fort, the city minaret, the city fortresses, the National Ceramics Museum…

  • Overnight in Oualidia

You will spend the night in Oualidia, a seaside resort located on the Atlantic coast. Oualidia is located between El Jadida and Safi. The distance between the city of Oualidia and Marrakech is around 200 km. We usually put 3 hours of travel time in 4X4.

  • Back to Marrakech

After a Loualidia visit in the morning and a delicious lunch, you take the road to return to Marrakech. You will be in the red City in the afternoon.

  • Go for a 3-day Marrakech tour that will bring you to Essaouira through the argan region! On the program of this Marrakech Essaouira excursion - visit local cooperatives, ceramic workshops, discover the city of Safi,…
  • Essaouira is just at 2 hours and a half drive from Marrakech.
  • The argan region of Morocco is located between the north of Essaouira, Tiznit, and east of Taroudant. Argan oil is also called "the Moroccan elixir". The argan fruits are often worked in feminine cooperatives where Berber women break the fruits by hand in order to extract the kernel which is used for the production of argan oil.

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  • The city of Safi (Asfi, Assafi) is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Safi is the main fishing port of Morocco and 3rd city by economic importance in the Kingdom. Safi is the meeting point between the Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir axes. Agriculture is developed there. Safi also benefits from phosphate deposits as well as a seafront of more than 150 km.


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