Merzouga camel trek 3 days

Explore the dunes of Erg Chebbi with a 3-day Morocco desert trek!

Merzouga camel trek 3 days

Merzouga camel trek 3 days

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  • 1st day of camel trekking in the Merzouga desert: discovery of the Oasis

You leave in the morning of the first day of the camel trek in the desert of Merzouga. You find the camels that will form the caravan that accompanies you during this excursion in the Moroccan desert.

Once the dromedaries are saddled and the turbans set, you are ready to start your journey in the dunes of Erg Chebbi. This 3-day trekking in the Sahara begins with a walk to the Oasis of Merzouga. You will need to arrive at a smaller Oasis around noon for lunch. Break, rest in the shade and exchange with your guides, local nomads.

The camel trek Morocco continues in the afternoon, you advance on the path of fine sand in the footsteps of the caravan. After a good walk in the desert, you arrive in the afternoon at the Oasis of Merzouga. You will enjoy on the spot the sunset on the big dune which rises to 150m!

Your guides will prepare dinner on the fire and you will spend a friendly evening around the fire in the mobile camp mounted for the night. You will sleep in the desert of Merzouga, in nomadic tents or directly under the stars.

  • 2nd day: After the Oasis of Merzouga, a discovery of the desert Aznigi

Those who wake up early will enjoy the sunrise. After breakfast, your 3-day camel trek into the Sahara continues towards the Aznigi Desert. The camel caravan is back on its way. You walk or enjoy the views on the back of the dromedaries.

Lunch will be taken in an oasis, in the shade. Trekking in the Sahara then takes you to the Aznigi Desert. There, you will meet nomads who live in the desert and with whom you will share the dinner. Traditional Berber cuisine is on the menu! You will spend a second night in the Moroccan desert.

  • 3rd day: departure from Aznigi desert and return to Merzouga

The 3rd day of your Merzouga desert trek begins with a breakfast in the Aznigi Desert. Resumption of the camel trek in the Sahara. On your way, you will visit small typical villages: Tamardanit, Mifiss and its old mines, then Gnawa. You will have dinner in this last village. Your 3-day trek in the Morocco desert is coming to an end and your guides will accompany you to Merzouga.

  • What is the duration of the walk during a camel trek in Merzouga?
    The duration of the walk per day is about 5 hours, spread in the morning and in the afternoon.
    This one is adapted to the capacities of the participants.
    To do the 3 day Morocco desert trek at Erg Chebbi, no special experience is required.

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  • Where will we spend the nights during the 3-day Merzouga camel trek?
    You will sleep in the desert, in a tent or under the stars.
    A mobile camp for the night is installed by your guides.
    Sleeping in the Sahara during the trek allows for an adventure trip.
    To savor this extraordinary natural environment, the calm, to look at the constellations before sleeping, to recharge your batteries and to return to basics.
  • What equipment to take for a trek in the desert?
    Before your departure for this camel trek in Merzouga, we will provide you with a list of things to plan.


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