Agadir to Legzira tour

Agadir to Legzira tour

Day tour from Agadir

Agadir to Legzira tour

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The Agadir to Legzira tour allows you to visit the surroundings of the city of Agadir. This tour is to do during the summer time but also all the year long. Discover the splendid red cliffs of the beach of Legzira, and its arcades. Legzira is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The beautiful landscapes and view of the Atlantic Ocean are highly appreciated by travelers.

Visit of Mirleft and the beach of Aglou

For this day excursion from Agadir, the departure is in the morning. You leave by 4×4 to enjoy a few stops on the road before arriving at Legzira beach. You head south for a day tour of discovery and relaxation in the surroundings of Agadir.

On the road, the landscapes change: arid and desert places and the wild side follow one another punctuated by small villages. A stop is planned in Aglou for a short visit to its beach which opens onto the Atlantic Ocean and a café on the terrace overlooking the waves…You will also discover Mirleft and visit its beach. After these visits and stops on the way, you arrive at Legzira.

Agadir to Legzira tour: Beach and Cliffs

After arriving in Legzira, you first enjoy a tasty lunch. Taste grilled fish in one of the local restaurants overlooking the ocean.

You will then have time to enjoy the beach of Legzira. Walk along the beach and admire its arcades sculpted by the wind and the tides of an ocher color. This is where the Anti-Atlas meets the Atlantic Ocean and from this meeting were born these magnificent rock sculptures that fascinate us…

When you have enjoyed the beach and the sun enough, your Agadir to Legzira day tour continues with a visit to Tiznit. The city of Tiznit has a lot of charm with its ramparts, its medina and its souk. Tiznit is a home for craftsmen who make silver jewelry. After that, you return to Agadir. You will be back at the end of the afternoon from this day Agadir trip.

Want to visit the beach which is the most famous surf spot in Morocco? Discover our day Taghazout excursion from Agadir.

  • Legzira beach is located about 150 km from the city of Agadir.

    It is not far from the town of Sidi Ifni.
    Sidi Ifni is a very pretty coastal town which is also worth a visit.
  • Legzira beach stretches for about 8 km.

    This beach is known for its majestic cliffs and ocher colored arches.
  • During this day Agadir trip, you will also have the chance to visit:

    - Mirleft and its beach,
    - the beach of Aglou,
    - the city of Tiznit.

    On the way, the landscapes are very beautiful and exotic.

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  • The Agadir to Legzira day tour can be done all year round.
  • A 2-day excursion from Agadir with a visit to Legzira can be organized to go even further south.

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