Agadir desert tours

Morocco excursion from Agadir

Agadir desert tours : which Agadir excursion to choose during your stay in Morocco? An Agadir desert excursion? What to visit around Agadir? What are the best Agadir excursions? The city of Agadir is located in southern Morocco. This city is one of the main tourist destinations in Morocco. Agadir attracts travelers with sunny and pleasant weather all year round, its large beaches and its bay. Very well served thanks to its Al Massira airport located about twenty kilometers from the city, Agadir has everything to seduce! Agadir is a big city which offers a choice of accommodation and many places to taste delicious Moroccan cuisine. The Agadir region also attracts visitors with magnificent surroundings to discover. Among the visits in the region: Agadir Tafraoute excursion, Agadir Essaouira excursion, discovery of Tiznit, Taroudant, and the Paradise Valley from Agadir … or even Agadir Taghazout excursion. If you have 3 days, go to the Moroccan desert! Take an Agadir Merzouga desert tour, an Agadir Erg Chegaga excursion, or an Agadir Atlantic coast tour!

Agadir desert tours programs

Agadir to Merzouga excursion tour

Agadir to Merzouga tour 3 days

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If you are on holiday in Morocco and you arrive in Agadir, you can descend to the dunes of the Moroccan desert thanks to this 3-day Agadir Merzouga tour. Agadir Merzouga excursion in 4X4. Camel ride. Night in the Moroccan desert.

Agadir to Erg Chigaga desert excursion tour

Agadir to Erg Chigaga tour 3 days

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Enjoy an Agadir to Erg Chigaga excursion tour. Go on a 3-day trip to discover Erg Chegaga and its high dunes. 4X4 private Morocco desert tour. Night in the Sahara. Camel ride.

Agadir excursion tour

Secret Oasis near to Agadir: a luxury excursion

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We offer a luxury excursion from Agadir. This day trip will take you to discover secret oases and typical villages not frequented by travelers. Discover the beauty of Morocco off the beaten track. Agadir excursion. Morocco day trip from Agadir.

Agadir excursion tour

Agadir to the Saffron Valley excursion tour

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During your stay in Agadir, discover the Saffron Valley! Your route will take you to Taliouine, Taroudant, in the typical souks, the kasbahs, ... It is a 2-day Morocco tour from Agadir. Morocco excursion from Agadir.

Agadir excursion trip

Agadir excursion tour: Atlantic coast and Sahara

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This Agadir excursion takes the form of a 3-day Morocco tour on the Atlantic coast. Discover the South East of Morocco! After a night in a nomadic camp in Guelmim, you go to visit the white beach, Sidi Ifni, Mirleft ... 3-day Morocco excursion. This Agadir excursion is ideal for summer!

What to see near Agadir? Excursions from Agadir

Agadir Paradise Valley tour

For this Agadir excursion, you set off in the North-West direction. The route takes you through canyons which overlook a river bordered by palm trees and laurels. You will arrive in the Tifrit Valley (about 60 km from Agadir). In this Valley of palm trees, you can walk, discover the various rivers and waterfalls, take a ride on a donkey … The Agadir Valley of Paradise excursion can be done in one day.

Agadir Tafraoute excursion tour

During your stay in Agadir, consider going to Tafraoute. This is one of the destinations not to be missed if you are in the Agadir region. You can get there by taking the road to Tiznit and then Tafraoute. The Agadir Tafraoute tour can be done in one day by leaving early in the morning. The distance between Tiznit and Tafraoute is about 100 km. The mountainous decor gradually gives way to a valley. The large blocks of pink granite are impressive and complete the view of the palm grove and the typical houses. The Gorges of Aït Mansour are also to be discovered during this Agadir Tafraoute excursion. The landscapes are magnificent, the trip will take you through villages that have kept all their charm…

Agadir Essaouira excursion

During your holidays in Agadir, did you consider visiting Essaouira? The distance between Agadir and the city of Essaouira is 180 km. Essaouira would almost do without presentation … it is one of the main tourist destinations of the Kingdom. Located on the Atlantic coast further north of Agadir, Essaouira captivates its visitors with its ramparts, its fishing port, its medina … The Agadir Essaouira trip is to do, without hesitation!

Agadir Taroudant tour

It worth to do this excursion Agadir for the ramparts of the city of Taroudant, its central square, its medina and its small souks … Located about 80 km from Agadir, Taroudant is an ideal destination for a day trip.

Agadir Tiznit excursion

Another idea of ​​a place to visit near Agadir: the city of Tiznit. You leave for a day to discover the beautiful city of Tiznit, located just 80km from Agadir. Why do the Agadir Tiznit excursion? Tiznit hides more than one treasure … in addition to its pink walls, its calm, its small alleys with small shops leading to small squares with incomparable charm, you can visit the jewelry workshops. Silver jewelry is made there according to the craft traditions of the region. The main square of Tiznit comes alive in the evening and fills with a thousand colors in the hues of traditional clothes. The Tiznit market is also worth visiting. In addition to the city tour, you can decide to continue the road a bit to enjoy a coffee on the terrace at sunset time in Aglou-plage …

2-day Agadir tour to the Saffron Valley 

We recommend a 2-day tour from Agadir for this trip in the Saffron Valley in Morocco. Overnight is expected in Taliouine, the capital of saffron. The excursion may include a hike.

Agadir Taghazout excursion

Do you like surfing? You want to try ? Twenty kilometers from Agadir, Taghazout has a beach that stretches for 7 km, known to be a meeting point for surfers thanks to the exceptional conditions it offers for the practice of this sport. You want to discover the surfer’s paradise in Morocco – the Agadir Taghazout tour is ideal!

Agadir Souss Massa National Park

A visit to the nature reserve is worth a day trip from Agadir. This Agadir excursion will be particularly suitable if you are spending a family vacation. In Souss Massa National Park, you will discover no less than 200 different species of birds! Animals are also present: antelopes, mongooses, …

Agadir desert excursion tours

If you arrive in Agadir for your holidays in Morocco, you can take a desert tour from Agadir.

Thanks to an Agadir desert excursion, discover the dunes of the Sahara at Erg Chebbi, visit Merzouga, undoubtedly one of the gateways to the Moroccan desert best known for its high dunes, some reaching 150 meters! Camel ride for the sunset, 4X4 excursion, discovery of the local culture, quad, sandboard, Morocco luxury desert camp, everything is there to spend an unforgettable stay in the Sahara.

You can also go to Erg Chegaga to visit its very large dunes, wilder than the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Thanks to the Agadir Erg Chegaga desert trip, you can enjoy a stay in the desert embellished with various activities. The night in a nomadic camp at Erg Chegaga, with entertainment under the stars, will leave you with great memories. Sleeping in a luxury camp at Erg Chegaga is a unique experience!

Given the distance, the Agadir desert tour takes place over 3 days.

Agadir Ouarzazate trip

Another excursion in southern Morocco from Agadir: discovery of Ouarzazate. The city of Ouarzazate is worth a visit. Emblematic city of southern Morocco, Ouarzazate captivates the traveler with its charm, its architecture, the exotic scenery and its calm. If you are doing an Agadir Ouarzazate excursion, think visiting the Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou and the film studios!

What weather in Agadir?

What weather in Agadir? What’s the weather in Agadir? Here are the average temperatures in Agadir to prepare your trip to Morocco. During winter (December-January-February-March), the minimum temperature is between 8° to 10° and the maximum is 22° to 25°. In April and May, it is 25° and 26°. In summer (June-July-August), the maximum temperatures in Agadir are 28° to 30°. In September, October and November, the maximum temperatures in Agadir vary between 26° and 28°.

What is the best time to visit Agadir?

Like many cities in Morocco, you can enjoy Agadir tours and excursions throughout the year. The climate is mild, particularly due to the geographic position of Agadir, located on the Atlantic coast in southwest Morocco.

Some ideas of distances…

Agadir – Marrakech: it takes between 4h30 and 5h of journey between these two Moroccan cities by car;

Agadir – Essaouira: between 3h30 and 4h, so half a day to reach the famous port city of Essaouira from Agadir;

Buses also run from Agadir – Essaouira and Agadir – Marrakech, as well as Agadir – Casablanca, Agadir – Tiznit,…

What to visit in Agadir?

If you only stay in the city of Agadir during your stay in Morocco or if you make a getaway to enjoy the 10km of beaches in Agadir, here are some ideas of places to visit.

Agadir city center: Take a stroll through the center of Agadir to find yourself in an area where you have a choice of restaurants and shops. To get there, you can get around by taxi or by your own means of transport (at the intersection of avenue des FAR, boulevard Hassan II, and avenue Mohamed VI). The pedestrian streets are very pleasant to visit.

Invitation to a culinary stroll: Agadir offers a varied and delicious cuisine, fish is in the spotlight but not only, taste a meat tagine with honey, fines and grapes.

Agadir beach: The city center is not the only place frequented by holidaymakers, just behind the beach, on boulevard Mohamed V, there are also many restaurants and shops and hotels. This very busy avenue offers the possibility of a long walk that is practiced both during the day and in the evening.

The fishing port of Agadir: The fishing port of Agadir is one of the most important in Morocco. You can go visit it. Large quantities of sardines are landed there. This is probably one of the places to visit in Agadir. Not far away, you will see the factories manufacturing canned vegetables (the region of Agadir is a region where agriculture is highly developed).

The Kasbah of Agadir: If you go up to the top of the hill (236m) to discover the Kasbah, you will be surprised by the magnificent view it offers of the city of Agadir and the Atlantic Ocean. The Kasbah of Agadir dates from the 16th century and is the work of Mohamed Ech-Cheikh of the Saadi dynasty. It was reinforced later in the 18th century because the Kasbah played a protective role against the attacks of the Portuguese.

The souk of Agadir: The markets in Morocco are real places to explore where colors, aromas and excitement mix to create an exotic and authentic atmosphere. Fruits and vegetables but also spices and meat are displayed on the stalls to the delight of visitors.

The Valley of the Birds: This is a park where you can learn a lot about wildlife and if you spend family holidays in Agadir, the children will be delighted. The park covers more than 2 hectares of land. You can admire the birds and other animal species as well as the flora.

The Municipal Museum of Agadir and the Agadir Theater, for a cultural visit: At the relatively recent Museum, you will find works of art and explanations of the traditions of this region and the regions of the Sahara. As for the Agadir Theater, which is located near the Museum, it hosts several cultural events. Several musical festivals take place in Agadir throughout the year.

What activities in Agadir?

In Agadir, you are on one of the most beautiful bays in the world! So several water sports can be practiced: scooter, sailboat, … If you opt for a lazy vacation, a horse ride or even a camel ride can be entertaining. In addition to visits to the city of Agadir during your stay in Morocco (souks, museum, medina, gardens, beaches) we recommend that you indulge in discoveries in the region or further afield, you will be surprised! A Morocco day trip or a 2-day tour from Agadir, it’s up to you to choose.