Merzouga desert tours

Merzouga desert tours

Live the adventure of a day in the Sahara!

Merzouga desert tours: discover the biggest dunes of the Morocco desert! Enjoy a 4×4 Erg Chebbi day tour or quad biking in the Merzouga desert. You can also try a buggy ride or sandsurfing. Another idea for an excursion in Erg Chebbi: a day camel tour in Merzouga. The 3-day camel trek in the Morocco desert is such a great experience.

No matter if you are with family, friends, beloved ones or alone, the Merzouga desert tour is an unforgettable moment! For the best Sahara experience, you can spend a night in a Erg Chebbi camp. Or enjoy a night in a luxury camp in Merzouga. Danse to the rhythm of music around a campfire.

Erg Chebbi is the ideal destination for a visit to the Morocco desert. From Marrakech, enjoy a 3-day Merzouga tour or a 4-day Merzouga desert trip. If you are in Ouarzazate, you can choose a 2-day excursion to go to Erg Chebbi. These tours are an ideal getaway to the desert. Moreover, spend a night in a Morocco Sahara desert camp in Merzouga.

If you want to organize an event in Merzouga (birthday, etc.), feel free to contact us. And also, if you want to make a gift or a surprise for a special occasion.

Merzouga desert tours and activities

In the Merzouga desert, there are many choices of excursions and activities. Camel ride for the sunset, sandsurf, quad biking in Merzouga, buggy tour, a 4×4 Erg Chebbi tour. You can also go on a camel trek. Let’s organize your tailor-made Merzouga tour together!

Merzouga desert tour 4X4

Merzouga 4X4 day tour

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Excursion in the Morocco desert of a day. Merzouga excursion in 4X4. Erg Chebbi excursion. Discover the Sahara during your stay in Morocco.
Merzouga is an unavoidable destination in the Moroccan desert. The excursion in 4X4 allows discovering the big dunes of Erg Chebbi. A longer stay in Erg Chebbi can be organized, as well as an excursion with several activities!

Merzouga desert tour

Merzouga camel ride

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Do you want to enjoy a camel ride during your holidays in Morocco? Nothing better than going to the Sahara for an exotic and authentic experience! We propose an excursion to Merzouga with a camel ride in the Moroccan desert. This day trip to the Sahara can be extended by a night in a Merzouga desert camp. Morocco desert excursion for a day. Merzouga camel riding.

Merzouga quad biking

Merzouga quad biking

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This one-day Merzouga excursion allows you to try quad biking in the big Erg Chebbi dunes! To discover Erg Chebbi during your holidays in Morocco, enjoy this quad tour in the Moroccan desert. Merzouga is one of the places in the Moroccan Sahara to practice the quad. Activity to practice with family or friends! Also, enjoy your stay in Merzouga to sleep in a traditional desert camp.

Merzouga 2 day trip

Merzouga 2 day trip from Ouarzazate

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Merzouga 2 day trip from Ouarzazate. This Morocco desert tour in the Sahara is one of the most popular! Discover the big dunes of Erg Chebbi in 2 days. Merzouga 4x4 desert tour. Camel ride in the dunes of Merzouga. Visit of the Oasis of Skoura, the Valley of Roses, the Dades Gorges and the Toudra Gorges, the Drâa Valley. Ouarzazate desert tour to Erg Chebbi.

fes merzouga tour

3-day Fes Merzouga tour

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We offer a Morocco desert tour from Fez to Merzouga. This is a 3 day Morocco desert tour. Several visits on the way. Camel ride and night in a desert camp in Merzouga. The return can be expected in Fez or Marrakech! Enjoy your holidays in Morocco to visit the Sahara, meet the nomads and sleep in the desert! Overnight in Erg Chebbi, traditional bivouac or Merzouga luxury desert camp.

Merzouga camel trek

Merzouga camel trek 3 days

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This 3-day Merzouga desert tour takes the form of a camel ride in the Morocco desert. The Sahara trekking is ideal for exploring the desert on foot and camel, sleeping under the stars, meeting the nomads and learning more about their culture. You will walk along the dunes of Erg Chebbi during a journey of adventure and change of scenery guaranteed!

merzouga desert camp

Merzouga desert camp

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Do you want to spend an overnight in Merzouga ? At Erg Chebbi, the choice of accommodation is not lacking! However, sleeping in a nomadic camp in Merzouga remains the preferred option of travelers. You can spend an overnight in a traditional camp or in a luxury desert camp at Erg Chebbi. The stay in a Merzouga desert camp includes camel ride in the big dunes. You can also add a 4x4 tour in Merzouga to meet nomads.

2 nights merzouga desert

2 nights in Merzouga desert

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If you want to visit the highest dunes of the Moroccan Sahara, 2 nights in Merzouga desert is the best formula! Enjoy 2 nights in the Moroccan desert, in a Sahara desert camp and enjoy a Merzouga 4x4 tour! 3 day Merzouga desert tour. Erg Chebbi camel tour. Visit of the surroundings of Erg Chebbi and the nomads. It's an authentic Sahara experience with a camping in the dunes and 4X4 excursion tour !

Merzouga trip from Ouarzazate

4-day Merzouga trip from Ouarzazate

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4-day Merzouga trip from Ouarzazate. You start your Morocco desert tour from Ouarzazate. Let's go for a 4-day Sahara excursion. You will discover South Morocco and the big dunes of Merzouga. Erg Chebbi excursion 4 days. You will pass through the Valley of Roses, the Dades Gorges and on your return, you will visit the Draa Valley!

Merzouga: discover the dunes of Erg Chebbi

Merzouga or Erg Chebbi: the place of the Moroccan Sahara best known by travelers! If Erg Chebbi is very visited for its beautiful dunes, some of which are 150m high, it extends over an area of ​​around thirty kilometers in length and 8 km in width. Merzouga is located in the southeast of Morocco, after the cities of Errachidia and Rissani. Merzouga is the village that is the gateway to Erg Chebbi. It is not the only one, because travelers can go through other places: Tanamoust or Takoujt but Merzouga, a small village in the middle of the sands, is the most touristic. This is why we speak most often of the “Merzouga desert” in the same way as Erg Chebbi. As the name suggests, the Sahara is represented here by very tall dunes of dazzling color. The Merzouga experience is one of the most popular for visitors. In addition to admiring the high dunes, to climb on it, watching the sunset, doing a Merzouga camel ride or sandboarding, the excursion to Merzouga is also a discovery of the way of nomadic life and culture. You can enjoy a night with musical entertainment around the fire in a traditional camp at Erg Chebbi or try a Merzouga luxury camp experience.

What activity during your Merzouga desert tour? What to do in Merzouga?

During your Merzouga excursion tour, you can simply decide to admire the Sahara and enjoy the time you will spend in this beautiful place. For those who want to do activities in Merzouga, here are some ideas.

Merzouga camel tour for the sunset

It is one of the most practiced activities in Erg Chebbi. If you enjoy organized Morocco desert tour, the camel ride is included in the program. The Merzouga camel tour is done in the evening for the sunset but you can request a ride during the sunrise. The spectacle of light that is reflected on the dunes is wonderful!

Sandsurf at Erg Chebbi

Here is an activity that will delight the curious an dyoung people! The sandsurf in Merzouga is to practice rather at the end of the day. The high dunes of Erg Chebbi offer perfect conditions for sandboarding. Ready for a sandboarding in Merzouga ?

Quad biking Merzouga

During your Morocco desert trip to Erg Chebbi, try a quad tour! It’s a different way to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Sahara. Merzouga quad biking is one of the activities you can do during your stay in Erg Chebbi to discover the big dunes.

A 4×4 Merzouga day tour

This Morocco desert excursion is recommended for those who love thrills! Especially when crossing Erg Moulay Omar or Erg Znigui. Thanks to this 4×4 Merzouga 4×4 tour, you will enjoy a moment around traditional tea with local nomads.

Merzouga camel trekking tour

Another activity to practice in Erg Chebbi: a camel trekking in the Sahara. The Merzouga camel trekking is relatively short. Most of the time, it is a matter of leaving for 3 days in the Moroccan desert.

How to get from Marrakech to Merzouga?

If you want to get to Merzouga from Marrakech, it takes 10 hours by car. This is the reason why, for your comfort, it is better to consider a Marrakech Merzouga tour for 3 days minimum. The route between Marrakech and Erg Chebbi offers many discoveries in terms of landscapes, Kasbahs, typical villages.

From Fes to Merzouga?

The journey from Fez to Merzouga is also relatively long: around 8 hours by road. For a Fes Merzouga tour, it is also better to plan a minimum of 3 days of trip. If you opt for an organized Fes Merzouga excursion, several visits on the route are planned and make the excursion even more rich in discoveries – you will pass by Azrou, Midelt, Errachidia. On this journey, you will have the chance to see an impressive change of scenery – greenery and snow-capped peaks of the Middle Atlas will give way to more arid places and finally to the dunes of the Sahara…

How to get from Ouarzazate to Merzouga?

The Ouarzazate Merzouga tour is the shortest in terms of journey. It can be done in 5 hours. Ouarzazate makes it possible to go almost for the same duration to Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. You can go on a 2-day Ouarzazate Merzouga excursion trip.

What Merzouga tour to discover the Moroccan desert?

There is no single answer to this question! It all depends on your desire: is it to go to the desert to see the place and sleep in a Erg Chebbi camp? or do you want to take advantage of a visit to Merzouga for a few days to do activities and explore the surroundings?

What is the closest airport to Merzouga?

If you have planned a vacation in the Moroccan desert, to avoid long journeys, you can check whether an arrival at Errachidia airport is possible.

What weather in Merzouga? What weather in Erg Chebbi?

Temperature Merzouga December, January, February: minimum 4°-6°, maximum 18° to 21°,

Weather in Merzouga in March / April: minimum: 9°/13° and maximum: 24°/28°,

Temperatures in May / June: minimum 17°/21°, maximum: 34°/39°,

Temperatures at Erg Chebbi in July / August: minimum 27°, maximum 42°,

September, October, November: minimum – 19°/15°/10° and maximum  35°/30°/23°;

When is the best time for an Erg Chebbi desert excursion?

For a Merzouga desert tour, it is better to favor the period from September to June.

During the months of July and August, temperatures in Erg Chebbi are high (up to 43° and 44°).

Where to sleep in Merzouga?

For your accommodation in Merzouga you have a big choice. On site, there are riads, hotels and nomadic camps. You also have the choice between a classic desert camping or a luxury camp Merzouga, a little further in the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

What to see around Erg Chebbi?

During your Merzouga desert tour, you can take the opportunity to discover the surroundings that are well worth the detour. Here are some places you can visit during a Merzouga tour or during your trip in the Moroccan desert.

Dayet Srij Lake: It’s amazing visit Dayet Srij Lake to observe the many migratory birds. During the dry period, the lake becomes a swamp. It is therefore best to visit it in September.

Khamlia: Still near Erg Chebbi, the village of Khamlia offers you the opportunity to go to the “Maison des Gnawas” to discover Gnawa music which is a mixture of traditional music and African percussions. Note that every year the International Merzouga Festival of World Music is held.

Rissani: On the road to Rissani, the fossil and mineral museum is worth a stop. Once in Rissani, go and discover its souk (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday). It is one of the busiest markets in the region.

Erfoud: in addition to being the capital of the date in Morocco (celebrated in October), the city is known for the extraction and polishing of fossils. Several quarries are found in the surroundings of Erfoud.

Taouz: Very close to Taouz, you can discover rock carvings which date from the prehistoric period.