erg chigaga desert tours

Erg Chigaga desert tours

Explore the desert, live the desert!

Erg Chigaga desert tours are one of the most popular in the Morocco desert. If during your holidays in Morocco you wish to make a Morocco desert excursion in the Sahara, the dunes of Erg Chigaga are undoubtedly the place to visit! Erg Chigaga is known to have the largest dunes in the Moroccan Sahara. A 4X4 excursion in the desert, trekking, camel ride, quad, sandboard, activities abound. Travelers also enjoy sleeping in a Morocco Sahara desert camp in Erg Chigaga. A stay in a luxury camp at Erg Chigaga is a unique experience.

Erg Chegaga desert tour

4×4 Erg Chigaga desert tour

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If you are looking for a Erg Chigaga excursion from M'hamid, Zagora or Ouarzazate, a 4x4 Morocco desert tour is perfect to visit the Sahara. Go on the tracks of the desert, discover beautiful landscapes, meet the nomads. Overnight stay in traditional camp in Erg Chigaga. Evening with music around the fire ... During your holidays in Morocco, discover the Sahara! Several activities are available on site.

Camel ride Erg Chegaga

Camel ride Erg Chigaga

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It's like being in a dream setting ... the dunes of Erg Chegaga rising as far as the eye can see, camels advancing at their own pace in the desert, the sunset, the colors of the clothes and the nomads' turbans, everything is there to spend a wonderful experience that will leave indelible memories. Camel ride in Erg Chegaga. Morocco desert tour.

Erg Chegaga desert camp

Erg Chigaga desert camp

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Are you looking for a Sahara experience ? What better to spend overnight in Erg Chigaga desert camp ? Enjoy stay in a Sahara nomadic desert camping. You will sleep in a traditional tent in the dunes of the desert ... Enjoy a musical entertainment at the Erg Chigaga camp around the fire. Luxury desert camp in Erg Chigaga offers tailor-made experiences. Nomadic lifestyle. Accomodation Morocco desert.

Erg Chigaga desert tour

2-day Erg Chigaga trip

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Erg Chigaga desert tour 2 days. Discover the Sahara desert big dunes thanks to this Morocco desert excursion departing from M'hamid. 4x4 Morocco excursion. Erg Chigaga excursion night in the desert. 2-day trip in the Morocco desert. Overnight in an Erg Chigaga desert camp.