camel trek morocco m'hamid

Camel trek Morocco from M'hamid

Morocco desert trek in the Sahara

Camel trek Morocco is a desert hike in the Sahara. The trek in Morocco allows you to discover the desert, this exceptional wilderness of unequaled beauty. During the hike in the Moroccan desert, you will cross places covered with dunes (ergs) but also “hamadas” (desert plateaus covered with stones). You will discover several different landscapes in the Sahara.

Here are some trekking tours from M’hamid. The M’hamid desert is the main starting point for hikes in the Moroccan desert. Wilder and less touristy than Merzouga, M’hamid is the ideal place for camel trekking. From one day to 10 days, the Sahara trek from M’hamid is a very original experience. You will particularly appreciate the nights in the wild camp and the company of nomads from the village. So ready for the adventure?

Discover our 3-day M’hamid camel trek program. The 5-day camel trip in the Moroccan desert or the 4-day Sahara desert trek… If you want to do a longer Morocco camel trek from M’hamid, we will send you a tailor-made program. A luxury package is available on request for all Sahara trekking excursions.

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M'hamid desert trek

M’hamid desert trek night in a wild camp

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M'hamid desert trek night in a wild camp in the Sahara. Enjoy an original and authentic excursion in the Moroccan desert. During this camel trek, taste the nomadic life! Morocco desert trek from M'hamid. 3 hour walk per day in the Sahara. During this camel tour from M'hamid, enjoy a night in a wild nomadic camp in the desert. Short program of Morocco camel trekking from M'hamid.

Camel trek M'hamid

Camel trek M’hamid 2 days

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It's a 2-day camel trekking program from M'hamid. This short camel trip in the Sahara is ideal for discovering the Morocco desert and having an adventure. The night is planned in a wild camping in the desert. You will visit the desert around M'hamid. You can discover regs, hamadas (desert plateau) and ergs (places covered with dunes). For this M'hamid camel excursion, you leave with a camel caravan and local guides. Morocco Sahara trek 2 days.

trek morocco desert

Camel trek Morocco 3 days

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Morocco camel trek for 3 days. Go for a desert trek Morocco in the Sahara with the camels. During this Morocco desert trip, meet the nomads and discover their way of life and their traditions. 3 days in the Moroccan desert. Sleeping in the desert. This program of Morocco camel trekking is perfectly adapted for those who wish to make an initial acquaintance with the Sahara! This Morocco Sahara desert tour exists in luxury formula.

morocco camel trekking

Sahara camel trekking tour 4 days

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Go on a 4 day adventure in the Moroccan desert with the nomads. 4-day Sahara camel trekking tour program. This Morocco desert hike will allow you to experience the desert. Walking with the caravan of camels, discover the landscapes of the desert, sleep in the Sahara ...You can choose a private trip to the desert or share this group excursion. Immerse yourself in the calm of the desert and let yourself be surprised by a virgin nature!

Morocco desert trek

Morocco desert trek 5 days

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This Morocco desert trekking tour program is ideal for those who wish to spend 5 days in the Sahara while discovering different landscapes. The camel trek Morocco in the desert offers the possibility to go in the Sahara with camels and with local guides. For 5 days, the disconnection with the rest of the world is guaranteed. Silence, dunes, and hamadas that follow one another, meals prepared on the fire, nights in the desert ... everything is there for an extraordinary experience.

Erg Chigaga trek 6 days

6-day Erg Chigaga trek from M’hamid

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Let's go on a 6-day Erg Chigaga trek from M'hamid. Discover the Sahara thanks to a camel trekking. With the nomads from the village of M'hamid, follow in the footsteps of the ancient caravans. Explore the best sites of the M'hamid desert: Sidi Naji, Erg Zahar, Erg Smar. This is one of the best experiences in the desert. It is an authentic excursion in simple living conditions. The nights are spent in a wild camp at the foot of the dunes. Meals are prepared over the fire. A return to basics.

Desert hike Morocco

Sahara trekking differs from other types of a trek by the camel caravan. Camels are loaded with equipment and supplies. Thus, participants in the hike in the Moroccan desert do not have heavy loads to carry. They can also take advantage to ride on the back of camels during the desert trek in the Sahara. The camel ride is very popular. Several breaks are also planned during the hike in the Moroccan Sahara.

Morocco desert trek : how long ?

The hike in the Moroccan desert can have a variable duration, in general, between 3 and 15 days. The 3-day Morocco camel trekking and the 4-day Sahara trek are the most popular programs.

Your guides during the hike in the Sahara

During your hike in the Morocco desert you will be accompanied by Sahrawi nomads from the village of M’hamid El Ghizlane. They know the desert perfectly! You can exchange with them, learn about their culture and make this trip in the Moroccan desert, a rich and authentic human trip. The excursion to the Sahara, in the form of a trek, can be practiced by all. The level of difficulty of the Morocco camel trek is adapted to the capacities of the participants. It takes around 5 hours of walking per day.

The Morocco desert trek: private or group departure?

It is possible to practice the Morocco desert camel trip in private or in a group. You choose ! We limit the number of group participants in order to offer the best quality to our travelers.

Tips for choosing your Sahara camel trekking tour

For beginners, we recommend a Sahara camel trip for 3 to 4 days. If you like adventure and walking, you can then prefer a 5-day camel trekking Morocco or even 7 days in the Moroccan desert or 15 days!

Camel trek M’hamid or Sahara camel tour in Merzouga

The desert of M’hamid lends itself to longer treks. In Merzouga, you can practice a Sahara trekking of 3 days or 4 days.

Best time to hike in the Morocco desert

The best time to do a camel trek Morocco in the desert is between September and June. In December, January and February, overnight temperatures drop to 5° or even 0°. Sleeping bags and blankets allow hiking in comfortable conditions.