M'hamid desert trip

M'hamid desert trips

The desert can not be told, here are some excursions to live it!

M’hamid desert trips : visit the Moroccan Sahara thanks to a 4×4 tour or a camel trip from M’hamid. There is a day 4×4 trip from M’hamid to the great dunes of Erg Chigaga. But you can also choose to visit the Kasbahs of the village. The Moroccan desert experience is unique. Moreover, enjoy a night stay in a M’hamid desert camp. Listen to the live music around a campfire and watch at all those stars shining brightly above the bewitching, magical Sahara!

The 4×4 M’hamid to Erg Chigaga tour is very popular and allows you to discover the “sea of ​​sand“. Other favorite experience for travellers: a day camel tour in the M’hamid desert. The excursion from M’hamid also very often takes the form of a hike in the Sahara. The Morocco camel trekking from M’hamid can last between 3 days and 15 days. During your holidays in Morocco, go for an excursion in the Moroccan desert. Discover our Morocco desert tours from M’hamid and let yourself be in the adventure!

m'hamid desert tour

4×4 M’hamid day tour : visit of the 6 Kasbahs of the Oasis

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Enjoy a 4X4 M'hamid day tour. Visit the Kasbahs around M'hamid. The village is the last Oasis in the Drâa Valley. Visit the palm grove of M'hamid. Enjoy a camel tour and sunset in the Sahara ! Morocco Sahara desert tour.

camel tour m'hamid

Camel tour M’hamid

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Go for a Morocco day camel trekking from M'hamid. This Morocco desert hikikng trip starts in the morning. Enjoy lunch in the desert during your Sahara camel excursion. Discover different faces of the Sahara and meet Sahrawi nomads.
Best Morocco desert tours.

Erg Chigaga tour

4×4 Erg Chigaga excursion

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Morocco desert excursion Erg Chigaga 4X4. Departure in the morning of M'hamid. Discover the largest dunes in the Morocco desert. Camel ride in Erg Chigaga. Sunset in the desert. Enjoy a day Sahara trip in the big dunes of Erg Chigaga and meet Sahrawi nomads.

Desert camp M'hamid

M’hamid desert camp

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During your trip to the Moroccan desert, enjoy a M'hamid camp overnight stay. The nomadic camp in M'hamid allows you to live an original experience in the Sahara. Rediscover the joy of a simple life. Rediscover happiness in watching the sunset or the stars. Enjoy traditional music around the fire. The night in the Moroccan desert or the stay in the Sahara can be enhanced by a camel ride, trekking or various courses or workshops.

morocco sahara desert camp

Morocco desert camp : Sahara holidays

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You want to discover the desert during your holidays in Morocco? A stay in traditional nomadic Morocco Sahara desert camp of one or more nights will allow you to enjoy the dunes of the Sahara (walking, relaxation, camel ride, ...) and to meet the "inhabitants of the desert", the local nomads.

tour from M'hamid

Overnight camel tour from M’hamid

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Enjoy a M'hamid overnight camel tour. It is an ideal experience if you want to discover the Moroccan desert with family, friends or as a couple! The night in a wild camp in M'hamid is an original moment. Go on an adventure in the Sahara. You will camp under the starry desert sky. Enjoy an authentic experience. Live an unforgettable moment in the desert of M'hamid. Meet the nomads and enjoy a trek with the camel caravan.