Erg Chigaga tour

Camp overnight

Erg Chigaga tour camp overnight

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If you want to visit the great dunes of Erg Chigaga, enjoy a 2-day excursion with an overnight in a Morocco desert camp.

This is a 4×4 Erg Chigaga excursion from the village of M’hamid.

Erg Chigaga tour camp overnight: the program

Your Erg Chigaga excursion starts at 9 AM. You join your guides and camels in M’hamid. Then you leave the village for a camel trekking in the Sahara during the morning.

You advance to the rhythm of the caravan while admiring the landscapes of the desert. Enjoy the calm and silence of the Sahara. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the camels advancing through the sand dunes.

At noon, you will arrive at a Morocco Sahara camp in the middle of the desert where lunch will be served.

After this break, you leave in 4×4 for the dunes of Erg Chigaga. This Moroccan desert tour takes you on the trail in the desert. You will visit the Sacred Oasis on your way before arriving at the camp in Erg Chigaga for the night.

Overnight in an Erg Chigaga desert camp, in a nomadic tent. Enjoy an evening around the campfire and Sahrawi music.

Visit of the nomads before your return to M’hamid

The second day of the Erg Chigaga Great Dunes Tour begins with breakfast at the nomadic camp.

Then, you leave in 4×4 on the Southern road where you can see herds of camels, gazelles. You will go to visit nomads living in the Sahara and pass by places where you will observe the fossils.

You will be back in M’hamid by mid-morning.

This Morocco desert excursion can be organized all year round except in July and August. Take advantage of your visit to also try sandboarding or quad biking!

  • Departure from M'hamid at 9 AM for this Erg Chigaga tour.
  • What is the distance between M'hamid and Erg Chegaga?

    The distance is about 60km, or 1h30 driving on the track in the desert.
  • Erg Chigaga camp

    Our camp in Erg Chigaga is in the middle of the dunes, in a very quiet place with a magnificent view of the large dunes.

    In the evening, the musical entertainment around the fire is a very convivial moment.

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  • Camel tour in the desert

    The walk in the desert on the first day takes about 3 hours.

    It is possible to enjoy a camel ride during the hike.

    The desert on this side of the Sahara is known to be ideal for multi-day camel trekking tours.

    You will be accompanied by local nomads who know the desert. They will also tell you about the nomadic culture.


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