erg chigaga trekking tour

Erg Chigaga trekking tour

Erg Chigaga trekking tour

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The Erg Chigaga trekking tour takes the form of a camel trek in the Moroccan desert. Accompanied by your guides, you will discover magnificent landscapes and nomadic culture. The camel caravan brings authenticity to this trip in the Moroccan desert.

The Erg Chigaga desert hike can be of longer or shorter duration, starting from the village of M’hamid El Ghizlane. It is therefore Erg Chigaga desert tour programs from M’hamid (the last village before the Sahara).

For this Morocco camel trek which will make you discover the great dunes of Erg Chigaga, we have planned several formulas.

Erg Chigaga camel trekking 6 days

If you want to hike in the Sahara from M’hamid to the dunes of Erg Chigaga, it takes 6 days of hiking. The distance between M’hamid and the big dunes of Erg Chigaga is such that the trek in the Moroccan desert lasts 6 days. It is a good formula for trekking in the Sahara. The landscapes are varied (desert plateaus, dunes) and the highlight are the dunes of Erg Chigaga.

You will have the opportunity to sleep in the Moroccan desert, in a wild bivouac. Your guides will prepare delicious fire-cooked meals for you. You will spend pleasant moments watching the sunset, on the backs of camels, or in the evening watching the stars.

Erg Chigaga desert tour from M’hamid 4 days

For those who would like a 3-day trek in the Sahara, we have prepared a special formula allowing them to visit the dunes of Erg Chigaga !

This is a desert trip including hike and 4×4 tour in the Morocco desert.

The departure is done from M’hamid for this trekking in the Morocco desert. You start this desert hike with local guides and the caravan of camels. Direction the great dunes of Chigaga! After a 3-day camel trek (2 nights in a wild camp in the Sahara), you will arrive at Erg Chigaga.

You will spend the 3rd night of your Morocco desert excursion in a traditional nomadic camp at Chigaga. The next day of this Sahara tour, your driver will pick-up by 4×4 for the return to the village of M’hamid.

Erg Chigaga desert trek and 4×4 tour – 4 days

Another Erg Chegaga hiking formula is this one:

Your Sahara excursion starts from M’hamid. You go by 4×4 to Erg Chigaga great dunes. On site, you enjoy camel ride for the sunset. Dinner and night in a Morocco Sahara nomadic camp in the desert.

The next day, after having slept in the Erg Chigaga desert, you leave with the caravan for a 3-day desert trek in Morocco. You will enjoy a night under the stars in a wild nomadic camp before ending this trip in the Moroccan desert in M’hamid.

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  • Trek Erg Chigaga: is this camel excursion tour in the Morocco desert accessible to everyone?

    Hiking enthusiasts but also beginners are welcome! The duration of the walk is adapted to the ability of the participants.
    Children can also trek in the Sahara.
  • If you need a transfer to M'hamid El Ghizlane we can organize it.
    You are sure to have a pleasant trip and not to worry about anything!
  • Take advantage of the trek in the Morocco desert to relax, meditate, do a digital detox!
    Getting back to basics, finding yourself, that's also the magic of the desert.

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  • Which airport to choose for this Morocco desert excursion?
    The nearest airports to get to M'hamid and Erg Chigaga are located in Ouarzazate and in Zagora.
  • The wild camping is a camp set up the same day at the foot of the dunes.
    It is composed of tents for you and for your guides. You will enjoy an evening around the fire.
    The Moroco desert trek is an adventure trip!
  • When is the best time for a camel trek in Erg Chigaga?
    The hike to the Erg Chigaga dunes can be done between May and September.
  • How long to come to the desert from Marrakech?

    To arrive at M'hamid, it is necessary to count the day.

    And from Ouarzazate? You should allow 5 hours.


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