Tour from M'hamid

Overnight camel tour from M'hamid

Camel trek in the Sahara, wild caming overnight

Overnight camel tour from M’hamid

Overnight camel tour from M’hamid – Morocco desert camp – M’hamid camel trek – Camel tour from M’hamid – camp overnight tour from M’hamid

This overnight camel tour from M’hamid is a very original experience for your Morocco stay! A must try if you want to spend unforgettable moments with family, lovers or friends. It is a unique Sahara experience from the village of M’hamid.

Enjoy an overnight camel tour from M’hamid

This M’hamid camel tour starts in the afternoon. You leave with your guides and the camel caravan. You advance in the Sahara towards the palm grove of the village. The magnificent landscapes of the Morocco desert follow one another. The hike in the Moroccan desert lasts about 2h30. You will enjoy the sunset in the desert during this camel ride. Afterwards, you will set up camp for the night.

Wild camping overnight under the stars of the Sahara

Once the camp for the night is set up at the foot of the dunes of the M’hamid desert, the meal will be prepared on the fire. Enjoy this magical moment in the Moroccan desert. You will have dinner in the middle of the desert and can talk around a campfire with nomads. Then admire the starry sky of the Sahara before spending a night in a tent. This excursion from M’hamid is a real adventure!

The next morning, you will have breakfast before heading to the village of M’hamid. You will arrive in M’hamid before noon.

The highlights of this excursion in the desert of M’hamid

It is one of the best experiences of staying in the Sahara.

  • this tour from M’hamid is done exclusively on foot and by camel. You will not travel in a 4×4.
  • the M’hamid camel tour and overnight in a wild camping in the Sahara is accessible to all,
  • discovery of the local culture,
  • you spend a night in the Sahara in the nomadic lifestyle,
  • it is a very original experience for your holidays in Morocco.

Would to go on a longer trek in Morocco desert from M’hamid ? See our programs here.

  • When is the best time to do this excursion from M'hamid?
    This desert tour is available from mid-September to the end of May.

    During the summer, this experience is not recommended due to the heat.
  • Departure for the excursion from M'hamid
    Departure is from the village of M'hamid at 3/4 PM.

    We can offer you a departure in the morning to enjoy a full day in the desert.

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  • Wild camping in the Sahara desert Morocco
    During this camel tour from M'hamid you will spend a night in a wild camp in the Moroccan desert.

    The wild camp set up for the night.

    It is possible to make the camel excursion from M'hamid and spend a night in a traditional nomadic camp. These camps are made up of several tents.
  • 4x4 tour from M'hamid to the great dunes of Erg Chigaga
    If you want to take advantage of your stay in M'hamid to visit Erg Chigaga, there is a tour including a hiking with night in a wild camp and a 4x4 trip and night in a desert camp in Erg Chigaga.
    For a tailor-made program, contact us.


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