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Morocco desert trips

Morocco Sahara desert camp: types of accommodation during the Africa tours

Africa is a culturally and naturally rich destination. Each African country, like Morocco, has tourist assets that are worth seeing.

Morocco desert camp experience

Want to live an unforgettable tour in an oasis in the heart of the Moroccan desert? Just schedule a trip through the largest and most famous desert in the Sahara. This amazing place is worth a visit, just to admire its breathtaking scenery and peaceful atmosphere.

The Sahara desert is one of the must-see places to visit during a stay in Morocco. The Sahara is, indeed, very vast and it conceals many unsuspected sites to have fun.

To go to the end of this dream of the Arabian Nights, do not forget to plan one or more nights in the desert: in a traditional nomadic Morocco Sahara desert camp where you will be carried away by the rhythms of Saharawi music around the fire, under a starry sky as you’ve never seen …

The Sahara, an address of choice to discover nomadic culture

A getaway to the Sahara presents the opportunity to immerse oneself in local habits during a 4×4 Morocco desert tour or camel trek in the desert. This type of expedition is usually offered by specialized travel agencies. They can make experienced guides available to travelers. These are often locals, “inhabitants of the desert” and therefore know perfectly the routes to follow through these stretches of yellow ocher. During a breakaway, this presents an opportunity for the rash to venture into long journeys on the Saharan dunes.

During this Morocco Sahara desert expedition, the visit will be under the sign of a total change of scenery and absolute tranquility. With a good guide, travelers will even have the opportunity to enjoy a surpassing of oneself. They can also ask him for explanations about the nomadic way of life and the local culture. The hike in the Morocco desert, a Morocco desert excursion, a Sahara camel trekking tour or the stay in the desert are opportunities to exchange, make authentic human encounters with the nomads, discover their way of life, learn a few words in Arabic … Living the desert is also that, take a trip in the culture of these inhabitants.

Spend a night in a traditional Morocco Sahara desert camping

To fully live the nomadic life during a stay in Africa, the reservation of a traditional nomadic camp is required.

This type of outdoor camp ideal for sleeping and spending the time of an expedition to the Sahara. It is often composed of Berber tents tastefully decorated and equipped with everything you need to spend pleasantly your stay in the desert.

At the Sahara desert camp, you will take traditional tea with your hosts, you will enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine prepared with fresh products. You can walk in the surrounding dunes, spend time in a hammock, read, meditate … leave for a Sahara camel desert trip, or just relax. After the sunset, evening around the fire, dinner in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The charm of the Sahara operates …

You can also opt for a stay or a weekend in the desert without necessarily making a tour. Finally, as part of a camel trekking in the Sahara, you will sleep in a mobile Sahara wild camping. The experience is very appreciated!


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