Dades Gorges and Kelaat M'Gouna tour

2-day Ouarzazate excursion tour

Ouarzazate to Dades Gorges and Kelaat M’Gouna excursion

Ouarzazate to Dades Gorges excursion tour 2 days

This excursion tour allows you to discover South Morocco. It is a 2-day tour from Ouarzazate. The Dades Gorges excursion has it all. Some airlines offer flights to Ouarzazate at very attractive prices. This Ouarzazate tour 2 days allows you to discover all the charm of South Morocco. Oasis, Kasbahs, extraordinary natural sites, everything is there!

Kelaat M’Gouna: picnic and hike in the Valley of roses

Morocco hides gems, these are its many Oases. If you are staying in Ouarzazate or its surroundings, you will certainly hear about the Oasis of Skoura. A place still inhabited and cultivated, the Oasis of Skoura is to be discovered and rediscovered during your Morocco tour. Its kasbahs create a magnificent setting and you can talk with your guide about local customs.

After the Oasis of Skoura, your Ouarzazate to Dades Gorges excursion continues towards the Valley of Roses. In the village of Kelâat M’Gouna, the landscapes will leave you speechless. Always ocher and pink colors (Anti-Atlas mountain, the kasbahs of the region), but also greenery.

To make this Morocco excursion even more authentic, you will enjoy a picnic in the Valley of the Roses and a hike from 1h30 to 2 hours in the valley. The Valley of the Roses and its surroundings are a popular place for hiking.

Visit of the cooperatives which manufacture products derived from the rose.

The visit to the Valley of the roses and Kelâat M’Gouna finished, you take the road to reach the Dades Gorges. You will spend the night in a charming hotel.

Visit the Dades Gorges

On the second day of your 2 days tour from Ouarzazate, you will visit the Dades Gorges.

The Dades Valley is one of the Valleys of southern Morocco to visit without hesitation. The visitor is charmed by the colors of the mountain rocks and the local houses which play with pink tones.

The Dades Gorges are highly appreciated by travelers for the magnificent landscapes they offer. Enjoy a visit with your guide.

On the way back to Ouarzazate, you will discover Boumalne Dadès, a city that comes alive on the day of the souk.

Finally, this 2-day Ouarzazate to Dades Gorges excursion tour will take you through Aït Ben Haddou before returning to the city. This ksar, which is a real jewel of Moroccan architecture, is a must for discovering South Morocco and the surroundings of Ouarzazate. You will stop there to admire the sunset playing with the colors of the earthen buildings.

  • One of traveller's favorite 2 day Morocco tours from Ouarzazate
  • If you want to see the beautiful fragrant roses of the Valley of roses, your trip to Morocco should be scheduled between mid-April to mid-May. Morocco is one of the major producer of rose essence for perfumery and cosmetics.

    Kelâat M’Gouna is the main village in the Valley of the Roses. It is located at the meeting point of the Valley of roses and the Valley of Dadès and hosts the Rose Festival. This celebration takes place on the first weekend in May. The Rose Festival lasts 3 days: traditional dances, souks, crafts, election of the queen of roses.
  • The Dades Gorges are located in the Dades Valley between Boumalne Dadès and M’semrir.
    Oued Dadès is a river that stretches for 200 km.
    The Dades Valley stretches for 25 km.

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  • The Ouarzazate to Dades Gorges excursion includes a hike and a picnic at Kelâat M’Gouna, in the Valley of the Roses.
    A visit by Aït Ben Haddou is also planned.

    The Dades Gorges are without doubt one of the sites to visit in the region of Ouarzazate.

    A 2-day Morocco tour from Ouarzazate is particularly suitable for this discovery.


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