Erg Chigaga trek from M'hamid

6-day Erg Chigaga trek from M'hamid

Enjoy Morocco desert experience

6-day Erg Chigaga trek from M’hamid

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This Erg Chigaga trek from M’hamid starts early in the morning. You are going for a 6-day hike in the Moroccan desert! You will discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the M’hamid desert.

Day 1: Ras N’khal and the dunes of Sidi Naji

During this first day of trek from M’hamid, you will discover the beautiful dunes of Ras N’khal. In the morning, you leave for the M’hamid palm grove.

The first landscapes of the Sahara are in front of you. You walk accompanied by your local guides and the camel caravan. It takes around 4 hours of walking during the day to reach the dunes of Sidi Naji. In the evening, you will set up camp for the first night in the desert.

Day 2: Erg Chigaga trek – from Sidi Naji to Erg Zahar

The second day of this Morocco camel trek begins with breakfast at the camp set up in Sidi Naji. Then the tents are folded and it’s time to move forward into the Sahara towards the screaming dunes – Erg Zahar.

Erg Zahar is a very beautiful place in the M’hamid desert, covered with dunes. At this place, you can hear the sound of the dunes when the wind caresses the sand… Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the dunes of Erg Zahar. You set up the wild camp for the night at Erg Zahar.

Day 3: Erg Zahar – Erg Smar – Erg Sedra

After Erg Zahar, it is time to explore another place in the Sahara : the Erg Smar dunes. On the way, the camel caravan advances peacefully in the Moroccan desert. You discover new landscapes of the Sahara during your Morocco desert hike. You visit Erg Smar before continuing this Morocco camel trekking. Camp is set up at Erg Sedra for the night.

Day 4: Erg Sedra – the great dunes of Erg Chigaga

Those who wake up early can enjoy the sunrise over the dunes. Then, you start the day with a good breakfast in the Sahara. The camel caravan is ready and you leave to see the big dunes of Erg Chigaga. You walk in the silence of the desert. At the end of the day, you arrive at the “sea of ​​sand”. You will camp at Erg Chigaga.

Day 5: Erg Chigaga trek – Erg Bougarn/Oued Laatach – Kreeat Jmal

After admiring the incredible view of the Erg Chigaga dunes, you set off for the 5th day of hiking in the Sahara. You take the direction of Oued Laatach. You slowly return to the surroundings of M’hamid. The tents are set up at Kreaat Jmal.

Day 6: Kreeat Jmal – return to the village of M’hamid

This is the last day of this 6-day camel trek from M’hamid to Erg Chigaga. You enjoy about 4 hours of walking in the desert and lunch in the shade of tamarisk trees. In the afternoon, the caravan arrives in the village of M’hamid.

For a shorter trek, you can see our 5-day trekking tour or a 4-day Morocco camel trek.

  • Erg Chigaga trek 6 days

    The 6-day trekking from M'hamid can include different journeys.
    If you have already visited some places in the M'hamid desert, contact us.
    We will send you a different map.
  • Meals during this Morocco desert trek are prepared on site by your local guides.

    Nights are planned in tents at the foot of the dunes.
  • Walking in the Morocco desert
    During the trek from M'hamid, you will walk about 4 to 5 hours per day.
    This Morocco camel trek is open to beginners and the more experienced.

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  • Camel trek from M’hamid
    The M'hamid desert is the ideal place to go hiking.
    Trekking in the Sahara can last from 2 to 6 days, or even more.
    The distance between M'hamid and Erg Chigaga being significant, so the trekking lasts 6 days.
  • Morocco desert trek with family
    Can we go to the desert for 6 days with our family?
    You can do this hike in the Sahara with your family.

    We believe it is more suitable to go for this program with children aged 10 and over.

    With younger children, it is appropriate to choose a shorter trek like 2 to 3 days.
  • How to get to M’hamid?
    If you rent a car, you can go down from Marrakech or Ouarzazate to M'hamid without any difficulty.

    There are also regular bus lines to the village.

    Taxis also serve this destination.

    Finally, a private transfer can be organized by us.


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