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4-day Morocco Sahara camel trek

Camel trekking tour from M'hamid

Sahara camel trekking tour 4 days

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Do you want to try a trekking trip in the Sahara? Spend 4 days in the Moroccan desert and sleep under the stars? The Morocco desert trek is perfect for an authentic and unforgettable experience. The Sahara camel trekking tour allows you to recharge your batteries, enjoy the calm and silence, do a digital detox… Advance to the rhythm of the footsteps of the caravan and let yourself be guided by the local nomads. This 4-day Morocco desert hike program is an original activity for your holidays in Morocco.

Sahara camel trek from M’hamid 4 days.

A 4-day Sahara camel trekking tour in the footsteps of old caravans

Your Morocco camel trek 4 days starts from the village of M’hamid. You begin walking, accompanied by your guides and the camel caravan, towards Oued Ben Hakki.

Enjoy the first landscapes of the Moroccan desert in front of your eyes and the imperturbable calm. After Oued Ben Hakki, the caravan will continue to Lahnaninche. You advance to the palm grove of M’hamid where you will visit one of the Kasbahs of the village. You will spend your first night in the Sahara dunes during this camel tour. Enjoy a wild caming in the desert.

Morocco camel trek to Sidi Naji

During the 2nd day of this Sahara camel tour from M’hamid, you continue the hike in the desert of M’hamid. You will visit the place of the tomb of the marabout Sidi Naji. This place has become a place of pilgrimage for the tribes of nomads. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the desert during your Sahara hiking. You discover the desert plateau (hamada) and the dunes (erg) of the M’hamid desert.

In the evening, you will camp at the foot of the dunes of Sidi Naji. Share an exceptional moment with the nomads around the fire. Second overnight in a wild camp in the desert of M’hamid.

Sahara camel trekking tour to the dunes of Erg Zahar

Your hike in the Morocco desert continues with a walk to bigger dunes. You arrive at Erg Zahar (“the screaming dunes”) towards the end of the day for the sunset. This is one of the highlights of this 4-day Morocco camel trekking tour from M’hamid. You set up the desert camp at the foot of Erg Zahar.

On the 4th day of your Sahara camel trekking tour you walk on the way back to the village of M’hamid. You will get there in the afternoon. For a 3-day camel trek, discover our program here.

  • The Morocco camel trekking is a hike in the Sahara with overnights in a wild desert camp. Dinner is cooked over the fire.

    You will pass by ergs (characterized by dunes) and regs (desert plateaus). For this type of trek in Morocco, the participants are accompanied by a caravan of camels.
  • Hiking in the desert: how many days Morocco Sahara trek program to choose?

    The Sahara camel trekking tour could be of variable duration. Some travelers prefer a Morocco desert trek 3 days, while others will choose 4-day Sahara camel tour, 5 days camel trekking or a week.

    In the desert of M'hamid, hikes can last up to 10 days and sometimes even 15 days.

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  • How long is the walk in the desert per day?

    In general, it is a walk from 4h to 5h per day. However, this duration can be adapted to the participants' capacity and wishes.

    The program will also be adapted accordingly.

    Trekking in the Sahara is open to beginners and experienced walkers.


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