camel trek morocco 3 days

Camel trek Morocco 3 days

Sahara camel trekking tour

Camel trek Morocco 3 days

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The camel trek Morocco 3 days is ideal to spend time in the Sahara. This is a desert hike in the Sahara. This experience is open to anyone who wants to discover the desert, live an adventure and visit places that can only be reached on foot. Camel trekking in Morocco is very popular with travelers. Particularly by those looking for an authentic experience and who want to discover the culture of the Sahrawi nomads. This trekking program also allows you to spend the nights in a wild camping at the foot of the dunes.

Camel trek Morocco 3 days: an unforgettable experience

Hiking in the Sahara is one of the most original experiences you can have during your stay in Morocco. The 3 day camel trekking program is very popular. Among the advantages of this camel trip in the Sahara desert:

  • you go for 3-day discovery of the desert and enjoy Morocco camel trekking in the Sahara’s dunes,
  • you will camp 2 overnights in the Moroccan desert, in a wild bivouac, under the stars ;

Thanks to this Morocco camel desert tour you can enjoy a journey to the rhythm of the caravan’s steps and evenings around a campfire. The overnnight stay in the Sahara is unforgettable. You will enjoy a unique experience.

Hiking in the Sahara 3 days: the program

The departure is from the village of M’hamid. It is better to sleep the day before departure for the morocco camel trek in the village.

  • The first day of this camel trek Morocco program will make you discover the desert around M’hamid. You can enjoy a camel riding and a hike in the desert. At noon, picnic in the Sahara. At the end of the day, you install the mobile desert camping for the night.
  • The second day is also devoted to a camel trekking trip in the Sahara. Those who like to get up early, can admire the sunrise over the dunes. During this 3-day desert trek, you can visit Erg Khnata or the dunes of Oum Mazmou.
  • The third day of this Morocco desert hike : it’s time to return to M’hamid. After breakfast, the camels are loaded and you leave for the village. You enjoy these last moments still surrounded by the dunes of the Moroccan desert and the warm company of nomads.

Want to spend more time in the desert? See our 5-day Sahara camel trekking program.

  • What equipment is needed for the Morocco camel trek? What are the things to take for a hike in the Morocco desert?

    The equipment for this excursion in the Sahara is similar to the classic equipment to use for a hike.
    However, care must be taken to stay well protected from the sun with long clothes and traditional turban.
    Turbans are available on site.

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  • How much walking time per day during the Morocco desert trek?

    In general, it takes 2 to 3 hours of walking in the morning and 2 hours of walking in the afternoon.

    The walking time is adapted to the capacities of the travelers.
    Participants can be beginners or experienced.
    The trekking program is adaptable during the Morocco camel trek.
  • Morocco camel trekking in family

    It is quite possible to make a Morocco camel trekking with all the family! Children are welcome for this activity. They can ride camels alone (depending on their age) or accompanied.

    If the children are very young, we recommend a shorter trek.


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