m'hamid desert trek

M'hamid desert trek night in a wild camp

Sahara desert experience

M’hamid desert trek night in a wild camp

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We offer you an original experience in the Moroccan desert from the village of M’hamid.

Here is a program of a camel trek from M’hamid which allows you to spend a night in a wild camp in the Sahara.

M’hamid desert trek: departure at 3 PM from the village

The departure for this excursion in the Sahara is at 3 PM from the village of M’hamid. For this experience you will be accompanied by Sahrawi nomads from the village and a camel caravan.

During the first day of the M’hamid desert trek, you will enjoy a walk of about 3 hours in the Sahara. First, you start by crossing the Draa and then you take the direction of the palm grove. The caravan continues towards the dunes of Sidi Naji. You will arrive in the middle of the dunes to pitch the tents for the night.

Hiking in the desert of M’hamid, you will discover different landscapes – desert plateau and dunes.

During this Morocco camel trek, enjoy the sunset in the Moroccan desert. Then, you will participate in the preparation of dinner before enjoying the meal around a good campfire. Also enjoy during this excursion in the Moroccan desert, the songs of nomads and Sahrawi music. You will then spend the night in wild camp in the desert, in a tent or directly under the stars.

After the night in wild camp, return to M’hamid

The Sahara camel tour from M’hamid gives you the chance to enjoy the sunrise over the dunes and a delicious breakfast at the camp.

Then, with the camel caravan, you will return to the village of M’hamid by a different itinerary. Your arrival at the village from this camel trekking in the Sahara is scheduled around 11AM.

This M’hamid desert tour will leave you with unforgettable memories.

For a longer Morocco camel trekking experience, see our 3-day program.

  • This Moroccan desert tour is a camel trek from the village of M'hamid.
    It's a trek in the Sahara of about 3 hours on the first day and as much on the second day.
    This walk in the Sahara can be alternated by a ride on the back of camels.
  • Night in wild camp Sahara Morocco
    During the camel excursion from M'hamid, you will benefit from an original and unforgettable experience: a night in a wild camp.
    The nomadic tents for the night are set up at the foot of the dunes.
    Evening around the campfire, dinner prepared on site.

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  • When is the best time for this camel excursion from M'hamid?

    This trek in the Sahara is available between mid-September and mid-May.
  • Which excursion from M'hamid?
    Several excursions are available from the village of M'hamid but one of the best tours remains the one with the night in a wild camp.
    We provide the equipment for the camp. It is also possible to plan the night in a fixed nomadic bivouac if you prefer more comfort.


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