Morocco desert trek

5-day adventure in the desert

Morocco desert trek from M'hamid

Morocco desert trek 5 days

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The 5-day trek in the Moroccan desert is ideal to relax and live a Sahara adventure. Also, you will share the camel trip with Nomads from the village. For this Sahara trekking tour from M’hamid, we suggest the following trip.

The Ras N’Khal dunes during the 5-day Morocco desert trek

The Morocco desert trek takes the form of a 5-day camel tour from M’hamid. Then you can visit the Sahara by hiking. The day walk is about 4 hours. You move foward in the desert with the caravan of camels and Nomads. Camels are loaded with supplies and equipment for the 5-day Morocco desert hike.

On the first day of the 5-day Morocco desert trek you will visit the Ras N’klal dunes. The camel trek from M’hamid is around 2 hours in the morning and the same time after lunch. The night is planned in a wild camp in the Sahara.

Sahara camel trekking: visit of Sidi Naji

After breakfast, you start the camel trekking in the desert around M’hamid. The different landscapes follow one another … After crossing a desert plateau, you discover a beautiful place covered with dunes. The Sidi Naji dunes are one of the places to visit during a desert trek from M’hamid. You will spend the night there in a Sahara bivouac.

One of the highlights of this Morocco camel trip is that you are with nomads who live in this part of the Sahara. They prepare the meals, set up the Morocco Sahara desert camping for the night. But also guide you in the desert and make you discover beautiful places in the Sahara. They also take care of the camels.

Morocco desert trek 5 days : visit of Erg Zahar

The 3rd day of your Sahara trekking tour Morocco takes you to the “screaming dunes” – Erg Zahar. The Morocco desert hike is about 5 hours in the day. Lunch under the tamaris shadow.

From the dunes in this place, you will enjoy a beautiful view over the desert. You will stay there for the night.

Erg Aït Ounir during your Sahara camel tour

Another day in the calm and silence of the Sahara … Landscapes change as and when walking. You see places dotted with acacias, and dunes covered with tamarisk. On the 5th day, you will visit the dunes of Aït Ounir.

And then, the end of this Morocco desert trek in the Sahara approaching, you take the way back to M’hamid. You return to the dunes of Ras N’khal. After crossing the palm grove, you arrive at the village of M’hamid.

For a 6-day camel trekking tour to Erg Chigaga, discover this trip here.

  • Best time to do a Morocco camel trek 5 days
    This Morocco camel tour, which is a Sahara trekking, can be practiced from September to the end of May.

    In the period from June to August, temperatures in Morocco desert are very high and can reach 48° in some places.

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  • How many people participate in the camel trek Morocco?

    There are two options: you can choose to make a private trip in the Moroccan desert that will be only for you and possibly the person(s) accompanying you or you can also opt for a group departure.

    In this second case, we make sure to form small groups so that everyone can fully enjoy the experience.
  • Places to visit during a Morocco desert trek from M'hamid

    - Erg Lihoudi,
    - Ras N'Khal (the palm grove),
    - Sidi Naji,
    - Erg Zahar,
    - Erg Chigaga,
    - Erg Bougarn,
    - Erg Smar, ...
  • During your Morocco desert trek program the nights are spent in a wild desert camping in the Sahara.

    After the camel trip in the Moroccan desert, you can spend one or two nights in a Morocco Sahara desert camp. You can choose between a classic nomadic camp or a Morocco desert luxury camp.


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