sahara tour from Foum Zguid

4-day Sahara tour from Foum Zguid

Erg Chigaga, M'hamid, Zagora

Sahara tour from Foum Zguid 4 days

Sahara tour from Foum Zguid – 4-day Foum Zguid desert tour – 4-day excursion from Foum Zguid – 4×4 Foum Zguid trip – Foum Zguid to Erg Chigaga M’hamid Zagora tour

What to visit from Foum Zguid? Located in the great South of Morocco, at the gates of the Sahara, the town of Foum Zguid is an ideal starting point for a 4×4 safari into the Moroccan desert. You will visit Lake Iriqui, the great dunes of Erg Chigaga, the desert of M’hamid and Zagora. Discover the Sahara and the lifestyle of Nomads. Here is a 4-day Sahara tour form Foum Zguid.

Foum Zguid desert tour 4 days: Erg Chigaga great dunes

The first day of this Moroccan desert trip begins from Foum Zguid. In the morning, you leave in a 4×4 towards the big dunes of Erg Chigaga. The 4×4 journey lasts approximately 2 hours.

This 4×4 Foum Zguid tour takes you on the track in the Sahara. The landscapes are so pretty and exotic: plains and desert plateau, arid mountains, then gradually fine sand dunes.

On the way, we stop to visit Lake Iriqui. And you can even enjoy a lunch in a fairly original and unusual setting. This Sahara tour from Foum Zguid continues and you arrive at Erg Chigaga in the middle of the afternoon. Enjoy a cup of tea and a moment of break before leaving for a camel tour for the sunset. At your back to the Erg Chigaga desert camp, you enjoy a delicious dinner there, folklore around a campfire and a night in a nomadic tent.

Erg Chigaga – desert Oasis – one night bivouac in M’hamid

The next morning, the Foum Zguid Maroc excursion continues with breakfast at the camp. Your trip to the Moroccan desert lets you see new landscapes on the way to M’hamid. You will leave the large dunes of Erg Chegaga in the morning. Here again, you will see the desert plateau dotted with acacias, places covered with dunes, etc. You can come across herds of camels in this wild environment, or even one or two gazelles.

On the way, the dunes become lower, and with tamarisk trees, we approach M’hamid. But you will stop before the village in a nomadic bivouac where you will enjoy a second night in the Moroccan desert.

Sahara tour from Foum Zguid : Zagora

This 4-day circuit departing from Foum Zguid also takes you to Zagora.

After breakfast at desert camp in M’hamid, you will enjoy a camel ride in the desert. Then, you go towards the village. We find the asphalt road in the village of M’hamid. You will take a short break in the village to enjoy the atmosphere here and a cup of tea.

It is then time to leave the desert towards Zagora. On the way, we stop to visit the pottery workshops in Tamegroute and the underground Kasbah. The Sahara tour from Foum Zguid continues with lunch in Zagora, visits in the afternoon and a night in a charming riad in the palm grove. Zagora is a beautiful city in southern Morocco, often visited by travellers going visit the Sahara.

4th day of this 4×4 tour from Foum Zguid

After the night in Zagora, you enjoy breakfast at the riad. You can enjoy the swimming pool in the morning. Departure for Foum Zguid is after lunch. The journey takes approximately 2 hours. You will return to Foum Zguid from this Moroccan desert trip in the afternoon.

Here is also a 3-day Foum Zguid excursion.

  • Where is located Foum Zguid?
    Foum Zguid is at about 3 hours by car from Ouarzazate, via Tazenakht.
    The distance between Marrakech and Foum Zguid is approximately 6 hours and half.

    If you are arriving from the East, Foum Zguid is approximately 4 hours by car from Taroudant and 5.5 hours from Agadir.
    Located at the gateway to the Moroccan desert, Foum Zguid is accessible by car.

    You can also go to Foum Zguid in Zagora.
  • Idea for your trip to the Moroccan desert from Foum Zguid
    You can enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the desert during this excursion.
    Just specify it in your request.

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  • 2 nights in the Moroccan desert in a nomadic camp
    During this tour from Foum Zguid, you enjoy 2 nights in a Morocco Sahara desert camp .
    The camp stay in the Sahara is one of the highlights of this Morocco desert trip.

    It is an encounter with the culture and way of life of Nomads. You enjoy silence, sand, sunsets and the starry sky.
  • What to visit around Foum Zguid?
    In addition to the Moroccan desert, the great dunes of Erg Chigaga,
    the desert of M'hamid, and Zagora, you can visit also from Foum Zguid :

    - the Oasis of Tissint,
    - Tata;
  • Night in Zagora

    The last night of this Foum Zguid desert tour is planned in a charming riad in Zagora.

    You enjoy the atmosphere of the South, the swimming pool. You can also enjoy quad biking there.


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