essaouira desert tour

5-day Essaouira desert tour

Visit the great dunes of Erg Chigaga

5-day Essaouira desert tour to Erg Chigaga

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This 5-day Essaouira desert tour is a beautiful discovery of Great South Morocco and the Erg Chigaga dunes. Depart from the Atlantic coast into drier lands. Visit some of the moste beautiful dunes in Morocco. But also typical villages, palm groves, Oases, … The 5-day desert tour from Essaouira also takes you through the saffron capital and the Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou.

Essaouira desert tour 5 days: Atlantic coast and night in Taliouine

The first day of the Essaouira desert tour to Erg Chigaga begins in the morning. You leave on the road which passes by Tamanar and then by Imsouane.

Located about a hundred kilometers from Agadir, Imsouane is a very beautiful village where people go to surf. But also to discover so nice beaches and incredible views…

After this stop, you continue towards Taghazout. This fishing village is another famous surf spot. The beaches are very beautiful and you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and very pleasant weather all year round. Stop here for lunch.

Then, this Sahara tour from Essaouira takes you to Taroudant. This city is famous for its long ramparts that surround it. The wall is approximately 6 km long. We enter through pretty “doors” of Moorish architecture. The ramparts have towers. Taroudant is also called “little Marrakech”. Its medina is worth the visit.

You continue towards Taliouine, the saffron capital. This is the last stage of the first day of this Essaouira desert trip. Here you will spend the night in a traditional guest house.

2nd day of the Essaouira Sahara trip : camp stay in the Erg Chigaga dunes

The 2nd day of this Morocco desert tour from Essaouira is dedicated to the journey to Erg Chigaga. After Taliouine, you advance towards Tazenakht. The city is known for its carpet manufacturing cooperatives. We stop there for a visit before continuing towards Foum Zguid. The landscapes change throughout the journey and become more arid as they approach the Sahara.

Foum Zguid is located at the entrance to the Moroccan desert. We break for lunch here. Then you continue on the track in the desert. The route passes Lake Iriqui before bringing you to the great dunes of Erg Chigaga. Here, you enjoy a camel ride for the sunset, an evening around a fire at the camp and a night in a tent. The evening in the desert is one of the highlights of this 5-day Sahara tour from Essaouira.

3rd day of the Essaouira desert tour : the Drâa Valley

The 3rd day of this Morocco desert excursion has new surprises in store for you.

After breakfast at the bivouac in Erg Chigaga, you take the track to M’hamid. This tour in the Moroccan desert lets you discover the “sacred” Oasis. During the journey through the desert, you can see herds of camels or goats, places with fossils… In M’hamid, it is time to join the asphalt road which crosses the Drâa Valley. You stop at Tamegroute to visit the green pottery workshops.

After that, we take a break in Zagora for lunch. The beautiful Drâa Valley is very exotic with its small villages typical of the South. You also enjoy the scenery created by its palm grove and the Anti-Atlas mountains. In the afternoon, the route takes you to visit the Drâa Valley. The night stay is planned in a small charming village in the Valley: Agdz.

4th day of the Morocco desert tour from Essaouira

After a hearty breakfast in Agdz, you take the road which passes through the Anti-Atlas mountains. You arrive in Ouarzazate before noon. So you have time to visit the city’s movie studios and Kasbah. Lunch on site.

In the afternoon, you will visit the Fint Oasis. The “hidden” Oasis is located in the vicinity of Ouarzazate and the visit is worth the detour. The landscapes are absolutely amazing, you take a walk with a local guide. You will also have tea with the locals.

When this visit is over, the 5-day Essaouira tour takes you to Aït Ben Haddou where you spend the night in a traditional riad.

5th day of the desert trip from Essaouira : the return

After breakfast, we visit the Kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou. This one is a UNESCO world heritage site. You leave with a local guide. He will explain you everything about this architectural jewel of southern Morocco. You then take the road which crosses the Atlas Mountains. The panoramic views are very beautiful. Lunch is planned in Marrakech. In the afternoon, it is time to start the journey between Marrakech and Essaouira. Beautiful landscapes pass by on the road. You will pass through the argan region and make a brief stop at an argan cooperative. The return to Essaouira is planned for the end of the afternoon.

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  • Best time to do this Essaouira desert tour 5 days

    You can do this tour in South Morocco all year round, except during the summer months when it is very hot in the desert.
    These are the months of June, July and August.
  • Discover the Great South Morocco and the Sahara
    This Essaouira desert trip to Erg Chigaga is a beautiful journey in the Moroccan desert.
    But also a great discovery of South Morocco.
    You will pass through Oases, through the Drâa Valley with its typical villages, Aït Ben Haddou, the saffron capital, the argan region...

    The richness of this Morocco desert tour 5 days is the very varied landscapes and the amazing visits along the way.
    It is also a journey into authenticity.
  • Erg Chigaga desert camp

    If you are celebrating a special event or if you want to experience a unique moment, opt for a night stay in a luxury camp in Erg Chigaga.
    You will find all the comfort there in the middle of the desert, with the added bonus of impeccable service.

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  • Quad tour in Erg Chigaga
    If you like thrills, it is possible to plan a quad biking tour in the dunes of Erg Chigaga.
  • Car time distance per day during the Essaouira to Erg Chigaga trip

    Day 1: 5:30 hours
    Day 2: 4:30 hours
    Day 3: 4:30 hours
    Day 4; 2 hours
    Day 5: 6 hours
  • Oasis in Great South Morocco
    During this tour in the Sahara from Essaouira, you will visit very beautiful places in the South and Oases.
    First, you will sleep in an Oasis, coming up from the desert towards Ouarzazate.
    This Oasis is located in the palm grove of the Drâa Valley. The place is beautiful and the connection to nature is incredible.
    The colors, the atmosphere and the calm of the place give it its charm.

    Oasis of Fint: the hidden Oasis in the surroundings of Ouarzazate
    During this 5-day Morocco tour, we introduce you to the Oasis of Fint.

    This is one of the Oases near Oaurzazate that is worth a detour. The landscapes are magnificent and you can take a walk with a local guide to immerse yourself in the place.

    Another strong point: you can share tea with the inhabitants of the Fint Oasis in a typical guest house.
    With a little luck, you can also taste the succulent dates from the Oasis.


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