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Sandboarding Morocco desert

Sandboarding Morocco desert: let’s experience it!

Sandboarding Morocco desert during your holidays

Have you heard of sandboarding? It is an ideal sport to practice during your Morocco desert excursion! If you are looking for thrills, original activities during your holidays and your stay in Morocco, a trip to the Moroccan desert would be a good idea!

What exactly is sandboarding? Can it be practiced everywhere in the Moroccan desert or only in certain places? What is the necessary equipment? We give you all the details on sandboarding in the Moroccan Sahara in this article!

Sandboarding: a sport that allows you to surf on the dunes!

Sandboarding is a sport which can be experienced in the desert. It looks like surfing and snowboarding except that … it is practiced in the sand. It’s an activity that allows you to get active, play sports and have fun during a Morocco Sahara excursion or a Morocco trip to the desert. Our advice: test this activity, you may be surprised!

What material to practice sandboarding in the Sahara?

To practice sandboarding in the Morocco desert, you simply need a Snowboard board. If you want to include sandboarding in your desert tour Morocco, the necessary equipment is provided.

To practice the Sandboard, we advise you to take rather long clothes to protect you from the sun and the sand (in case of fall).

How do you practice sandboarding?

The Sandboard is like the SnowBoard except that instead of the cold snow and the big mountains, you have hot sand and dunes! Your feet are fixed to SnowBoard’s board and then you just have to slide on the dunes standing on your board and imagine yourself flying in the air! You walk up the dune every time you want to start again. Anyone can try sandboarding as long as you have some courage and motivation!

It is advisable to practice SandBoard at the end of the day because the sand is warmer so you will slide better. In addition, the sun will not be so strong so you can enjoy the SandBoard and the sunset.

Where to practice sandboard in the Morocco desert?

The SandBoard can be practiced during a Merzouga excursion or a trip to the dunes of Erg Chegaga. The sandboard requires that the dunes are of a certain height … that’s why Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga are the most adapted for this activity.

The Sandboard is a great activity to do with friends, in group …

Besides, in addition to sandboarding, an excursion in the Moroccan desert can include a camel or quad ride.

Sandboard and … what other adventure activities in the Moroccan desert?

Apart from the SandBoard, there is also the Quad, the buggy, … to make you fully enjoy your trip in the Morocco desert and to keep very good memories. The quad can be practiced in M’hamid, Ouarzazate, Merzouga, Marrakech, …


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